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Unlocked: Stories of Hope from Tiny Owl Artists in Lockdown

£12.99 £8.99 (hardback)

UK only


With pictures by a host of talented illustrators hailing from all over the world, Unlocked is a timely picture book acting as a beautiful reference to a moment in history – remembering how we made each other smile, no matter how restricted we were during those months in lockdown.

The fantastic artists contributing include Piet Grobler, Kate Milner, Nicola Davies, Ehsan Abdollahi, Ken Wilson-Max, Anna Doherty, Jenny Bloomfield, Sarah van Dongen, Hazel Terry, Dale Blankenaar, Catell Ronca, Jenny Duke, Dunja Jogan, Nahid Kazemi, and Maria Christania.


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Unlocked captures this unique time in history and gives us all a beautiful keepsake


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Unlocked offers a diverse array of voices, yet drawn together by a common thread of humanity


Teacher Glitter

Being transported all over the world to share experiences of lockdown and ultimately HOPE

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