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This gorgeous story encourages readers to nurture one another!

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Bloom confirms for us the importance of appreciating what we have!

We’re delighted with this thoughtful review of Bloom from A Library Lady as part of her favourite picture book of 2020 so far! Read it below.

This is a lovely story tenderly told which ensures young children will be comforted and reassured. Each day a little girl admires a pretty flower that flourishes in a garden she passes on the way to school. She talks to it and appreciates its beauty; every morning it cheers her as she walks past. Unfortunately the man who lives in the house is possessive of his garden and shouts angrily at the small girl to stay away. Over the coming days without the little girl’s visits the flower droops and its beautiful petals no longer open. The furious man tries everything but he is unable to make the flower grow. This is thoughtful picture book conveying ideas and themes that matter. Bloom confirms for us the importance of appreciating what we have, sharing our good fortune with others and showing kindness even to those who may not be kind to us, These can be difficult lessons to learn sometimes but this gorgeous story encourages readers to nurture one another. You can read my full review here. Bloom was published by Tiny Owl earlier this month.

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