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Hoda Haddadi, the illustrator of A Rainbow in My Pocket

Hoda Haddadi is a creative illustrator still young at heart. Her work has been published internationally, receiving numerous awards from Iran to Japan.

I still haven’t grown up that much. Although, I’ve aged, my desires, the things I love, my thoughts and dreams are very close to my childhood. Many of them are as real as they used to be in those days.

Hoda has a wonderfully unique collage approach, using organic material, cloth and a range of different textures. With these materials, Hoda weaves a visual narrative for the reader to discover:

One should see which picture adds to the story. We shouldn’t tell the story again. We should look for those words that are left unsaid or left for the reader to discover. We should read between the lines…

Hoda’s books for Tiny Owl include A Rainbow in My Pocket (2016) and our forthcoming title The New Baby and Me! (February 2018). You can watch the full interview with Hoda Haddadi on Iran’s Press TV:

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