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Books are meant to be cherished, their authors, illustrators, stories, and characters celebrated for the impressions they have made on the lives of their devoted readers. In commemorating the importance of books and reading, March 2nd acknowledges the exciting 20th Anniversary of World Book Day! Woohoo!

Established in over 100 different countries, World Book Day is a celebration for book lovers of all ages, of all different cultural backgrounds. World Book Day expresses not only the fun of reading, but also its lasting benefits — especially for younger readers. Reading is a pleasurable experience, an exciting adventure, and charming stories & characters bring people together. Books and reading can be for everyone! And to Tiny Owl, World Book Day is especially important. We celebrate diversity within our children’s books, stories that encourage an open-mindedness and appreciation for one another. Our original stories are bridges that engage young readers with the world while creating memorable, fulfilling experiences. World Book Day honours and reinforces this idea, acknowledging the importance for children to have the opportunities to broaden their imaginations and explore the world through reading.

An illustration from The boy Who Cried Wolf

Books and reading can change lives, and World Book Day recognises the impact any story can have on a person. So get up, get reading, share your favourite stories, and celebrate World Book Day!

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