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Meghan Sullivan

By Meghan Sullivan

What do you look for in a picture book? I love books which speak to many different people while remaining personal. If that sounds like something that you would like too, then perhaps it’s time to add wordless picture books to your to-read list.

The thing that I love the most about wordless picture books is their ability to be both universal and personal at the same time. They illustrate universal feelings and emotions which can be understood by almost everyone, allowing them to speak to many different people in many different languages.

Chalk Eagle, which is coming soon, is one of my favourite wordless picture books. It is filled with breath-takingly vivid illustrations by Nazli Tahvili which soar off the page to inspire me. In the book a little boy decides to draw himself and an eagle in chalk. The two are then able to embark on wonderful adventures. The young boy’s thirst for adventure will resonate with any of us who have yearned for excitement, while his ability to find adventure is a reminder of the endless possibilities offered by our own imaginations. Even if the world around us is dull or sad, we can fly away on the wings of our very own eagle.

Chalk Eagle

Yet wordless picture books are also deeply personal; with no words to constrain us we fill in the blanks with our own story. We colour in the adventures of Chalk Eagle with the ones which we want to take, letting them continue beyond the last page. We make the boy’s story our own. In this way wordless picture books are wonderful in their ability to break down barriers while touching us on a personal level.

Chalk Eagle will be published on the 29th January 2018, and is available to pre-order now.

Meghan Sullivan is the Publisher’s Assistant at Tiny Owl.

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