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Explore the advantages of wordless picture books 

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A suggestion to bookshops and libraries! Add something valuable to your selection by featuring a range of Wordless Picture Books! These wordless books manage to do something amazing: they let the illustrations do all the talking, leaving it entirely up to the reader to think about what is happening in the story. As a result, wordless picture books hold a never-ending number of possible stories.

Our series of Wordless Picture Books got wonderfully positive feedback from teachers!

By having a story told without words, children and readers of any age are encouraged to use the power of imagination to work out what they think is happening. This lets each reader really explore and create their own story in their mind, which can encourage children to really push their boundaries and think outside the box. It also means that individual readers can connect with the books slightly differently, because they have the freedom to explore, interpret and imagine in any way that they might want, leaving them feeling more fulfilled at the end of the story.

From being used in teaching foreign languages to art projects and prompting discussions on wider themes, wordless picture books are ideal for encouraging classroom discussion. Take the witty and wonderful story of our latest picture book Caged for example. With it’s strong message of freedom and retribution, it can open up a range of questions about liberation, environmentalism and helping others, as well as discussion about the gorgeous artwork and design.

Wordless picture books are able to be inclusive in a way that written words are not because they are accessible to such a range of reading levels, and readers who come from all backgrounds! Every reader has a unique experience when they read a wordless picture book, and sharing our thoughts about them with each other helps us to better understand different ideas and points of view. Whether it is at home or in a classroom, these books encourage readers to be imaginative and creative! Children love wordless picture books, because it allows them to experience adventure and excitement by themselves, and gives them the chance and the confidence to be a storyteller of their own.

We have a new addition to our wordless picture books on its way! Joining the dreamy Chalk Eagle and whimsical Little Eli is the fantastic tale of CagedWe hope that wonderful wordless picture books like these soon fill the shelves of bookshops and libraries, so that all children could experience their benefits!

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