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An Reading-based SEN consultant shares her thoughts on the benefits of Wordless Picture Books

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A new wordless picture book, Caged, is soon to be the third to join our Wordless Picture Book series! Wordless picture books are becoming increasingly popular to use in an educational context, as they encourage discussion, creative thinking, and appeal to a wide range of ages. We asked educators how they would want to use a wordless picture book like Caged in their own classroom settings! Arti Divatia, an SEN consultant based in Reading, shared her ideas about how this book could be used for education purposes!

Wordless picture books are in general very helpful when it comes to a classroom environment. They’re especially good at increasing the creativity and imaginative skills of the children. From the perspective of an SEN consultant, a benefit of these kind of books is that they are accessible to a range of levels of abilities, spanning across stages of development. This means that they can be used when working with children with additional needs as well, as there is no limit on who can engage with the book.

Arti Divatia, SEN consultant

The story of Caged was one I really enjoyed. In an education setting, it would be great for prompting discussions about animals and the environment, especially looking at topics such as the cutting down of the trees, and the placing of the birds into captivity. It would be good to explain the idea of punishment or consequences, which can be used when encouraging children to be nice to others. The structure of the giant bird cage itself gave me ideas for a more hands on approach to the book! Looking at the way the structure is built could then allow children to build their own versions out of blocks, helping them to develop their hand-eye coordination, and experiment with their creativity. These are activities that again could be adapted to suit the child’s own ability, allowing every child to really get involved with the story.

Books like Caged have so much potential when it comes to encouraging children to develop their skills and use their imaginations. They are wonderful resources for parents and teachers of children of all ages and abilities, and I hope they will be used more and more so that every child can enjoy the unique experience they offer.

Created by artist Duncan Annand, Caged is a brilliant illustrated, witty tale of freedom and retribution. While a bluebird builds her nest in the forest, two eccentric gentlemen have a more ambitious construction in mind: a vast palatial building, made from birdcages filled with colourful parrots. Until, one day, the bluebird sees a wonderful opportunity to free the birds, and give the men a taste of their own medicine. This is Duncan’s debut picture book.

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