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Snowman and the Sun
The Snowman and the Sun

Read a review of The Snowman and the Sun by Rudolf Loewenstein for School Library Association:


Taghdis, Susan and Mafakheri,Ali. The Snowman and The Sun. Tiny Owl, 2015, pp24, £7.99. 978-1910328101


A snowman wonders what will happen as the sun heats up. And soon it melts – but what happens next (which we know to be part of the water cycle!) is illustrated simply and effectively by Mafakheri. Sharing this story at bedtime would be a lovely way of reminding children that not everything lasts forever, and with loss will eventually come some form of gain. The book would not be out of place in the EYFS classroom either.

Rudolf Loewenstein


The Snowman and the Sun
An extract from The Snowman and the Sun

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