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The Orange House
The Orange House

We have had the pleasure of reading a lovely review of The Orange House sent to us by Nikan Ar. He is 15 and he is a student in London. Thank you Nikan!

The book ‘The Orange House’ is written and illustrated by Nahid Kazemi. She came up with the idea of the book when she was walking down an alley that was covered with tall buildings but had one house which was old and stood out from the rest. She has made the book with collage. This gives the book a unique feel because it makes you feel as though the buildings are real.

The story of ‘The Orange House’ revolves around the Orange House who is lonely and the new buildings protect it and become friends with it. This story is very thoughtful and it has a good moral at the end which is to make friends with new people and with friendship you can overcome everything.

Overall I think that the story is great and it can really teach your child important lessons that will be useful later on in life.

An illustration from one of our titles The Orange House
An illustration from The Orange House


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