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By Meghan Sullivan

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When I was younger the best part of my day was when I could clamber into bed and read. Whether it was listening to my mum tell me stories she had made-up on the spot, or reading fantastic tales of magical schools, I would never want the stories to end. Those early days ignited my love of reading. So, it’s fantastic that the 23rd April is World Book Night: a night dedicated to books! All across the world books will be given out with the focus of encouraging people who might not have access to books. At its heart it’s a celebration of reading and an encouragement to everyone, everywhere, to pick up a book and get started. This is why we’re going to be giving away one copy of  The Clever Mouse to encourage children to discover the joys of reading.

We live in a time where less and less children spend time reading. With the temptations of endless screen time and exciting technology, children are more inclined to ditch the book for an hour on the Ipad. But, the benefits of reading for children are astronomical. Not only does reading prepare younger children for school by increasing language skills and developing logical thinking, it also allows children to explore a range of topics and issues while also building those oh-so-important empathy skills.

An illustration from The Clever Mouse

The Clever Mouse tells the tale of the clever Mr Koochi, a mouse who wants to marry the princess. But, when he finds the princess to be plump and plain he leaves her. It is only when he realises that the princess is kind and clever that he rushes back to her just in the nick of time. Not only is it beautifully illustrated, The Clever Mouse is also a fantastic book for teaching children the power of empathy, and that what matters most is not what’s on the outside, but on the inside. To get involved in this give-away please check our twitter TinyOwl_Books and follow the instructions. Enjoy a night filled with reading!

Meghan Sullivan is the Publisher’s Assistant at Tiny Owl

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