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Will & Nill

Will & Nill

£12.99 £5.99 (hardback)

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Will & Nill is an affectionate story about the natures of both cats and humans, exploring how making a little effort can go a long way.

Will and Nill are very hungry cats. Nill dozes, dreaming about food, while his friend Will goes off to play hide and seek with his new friend, the sparrow. If he stays with Nill, his stomach will rumble and grumble with hunger. If he plays, he will forget. As Nill continues to sleep, still hungry, Will finds some very smelly treasure.

Will and Nill is a beautifully illustrated story about both the nature of cats and the nature of humans. Told with wit and affection, it explores whether you should accept what you’re given (or not given). And how sometimes, by just deciding to have some fun and making a little effort, you can find what you wanted in unexpected places.

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Meet the author and illustrator


Farhad Hasanzadeh is an award-winning Iranian author, nominated to represent Iran for the 2018 Hans Christian Andersen award.






Atieh Markazi is an acclaimed illustrator from Iran. Her strong colour palette and striking brushstrokes capture children’s imaginations around the world.




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Book Riot

 Fable-like and contemporary.

Outside in World

Children will be drawn to the bold and vibrant illustrations.

Read it Daddy

An engaging story offering a pretty neat little life lesson.

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