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By Lindsey Jones*

Winston Churchill

I have owned too many pets to count; among them have been goldfish I brought home from fairs, betta fish and a boatload of cats. Of all the pets I have owned, cats have been my favorite. They all have their own distinct personalities and my favorites by far have been Winston Churchill and Phoebe.

Phoebe is a quiet, laid-back cat who refuses to be touched by anyone but me. She sleeps all day and rarely comes out of hiding unless she wants food or attention. Winston Churchill, however, is a ball of energy who doesn’t leave anyone alone. He constantly chatters to whoever will listen and crawls all over you for attention. He has earned the nickname “Sea Otter” because of the way he constantly lays on his back. Winston Churchill is my closest companion.


Being an intern at Tiny Owl, I come across a variety of amazing picture books that are all eye-catching with wonderful, spell-binding stories.

The story of Will and Nill, two sleepy cats with polar personalities, is one of these amazing picture books. Reading through, it captivated me instantly because Will reminds me so much of my playful Winston Churchill and Nill is just like my sleepy, stagnant Phoebe.


What I love most about Will and Nill is how beautiful and detailed the illustrations are. Simple yet complex to the adult eye, the vivid colors will also draw in and captivate any child’s mind. There is also a great lesson in this, going along with “the early bird gets the worm”: If you don’t go out and explore the world, life will never be full of excitement and wonder. Imaginative and amusing, this will be a book that will stay in the minds of children and adults alike, including my own.

*Lindsey Jones used to be an intern at Tiny Owl

  • Will & Nill portrays simple truths whilst probing the deeper questions. A review by UKSLA
  • review by The School Librarian Journal: Making an effort always pays off!


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