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Will & Nill

Cats are wonderful creatures! Some of them can be loving, affectionate and cuddly! Of course they can also be lazy and grumpy sometimes, and always seem to decide to nap on your laptop just as you start feeling productive, but we love them all the same (probably because we know that we can all be lazy and grumpy sometimes!) Everyone loves cats, with their images and videos filling up the internet and our social media feeds.  In Will and Nill, they are the stars of the show, as they should be! Today is a day to celebrate our fine feline friends with International Cat Day, and Will and Nill is a book that perfectly captures the personalities of the kitties we love so much!

Will and Nill are very hungry cats. Nill wants to sleep all day, dreaming about food, which is probably something we all can relate to! His friend Will is much more adventurous, and  goes off to play with his new friend, the sparrow. For Will, playing is a great way to distract himself from his rumbling tummy! Nill would prefer to sleep the day away, but remains hungry! While he dozes, Will’s adventuring leads him to a treasure!

Will and Nill is a beautifully illustrated story about the nature of cats, but also about the nature of humans. Witty and wonderful, it explores whether you should accept your situation, or go out and try to change it! It shows that sometimes, by just deciding to have some fun and making a little effort, you can find what you need when you aren’t looking.

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