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Whilst following all the action via live tweets & the #kidsconf15 hashtag, we were thrilled to hear that print is still preferred by young readers.

According to Imogen Cooper’s Tweet, 39.75% of children still want a physical book experience. That, and the fact 64% of young people prefer print to e book versions was music to our ears.

At Tiny Owl Publishing us we pride ourselves on not only translating the cream of the crop of global children’s literature, but producing high quality, attractive print books. We hope each reader who owns one of our titles cherishes it and keeps hold of it for years to come.

While our content and beautiful illustrations are always praised and note, we also receive a lot of feedback regarding the actual physical production of our books.

“The binding can withstand a reasonable amount of pressure – I tried pulling at a page as if I were tugging it like a child in bed trying to get the next page would. Obviously, it wouldn’t hold together if you purposely attempted to rip it, but the stiff hardback and binding would be able to take a few knocks. The pages themselves have a nice waxy sheen. Again, they are tough enough to outlast light touches from sticky, wet fingers without instantly becoming ruined.”

The Boy That Cried Wolf as reviewed by Natari

Read the full review here .

We ensure that each of our titles has exceptionally talented authors and illustrators on board but we also work to make sure that every single book we produce is of high quality and suitable to be around young readers.

What sets Tiny Owl Publishing ahead of other publishers, aside from our commitment to ensuring our physical copies are extremely durable, is also the stories we make available. While there are so many
different genres and types of children’s books on the UK market, we’re one of the only book publishers bringing global literature to an English audience. We’ve brought stories from the great Rumi, told the famous Iranian tale The Little Black Fish, and translated world famous authors.

One of our titles Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird happens in a Qashqai tribe. The Qashghai are nomadic tribespeople in Iran who move around with their sheep, and live in tent homes. They lead different and interesting life-styles and by translating this story for a western audience, Tiny Owl Publishing are introducing different cultures to young, English readers that may have no other way of learning about them over wise. Each story we release is beautiful, poetic and philosophical – every tale contains a moral message to teach the reader about life and the world.

Not only that, many of our books help unlock the imaginations of a child and inspire their creativity. One of the most rewarding parts of publishing is when readers get in contact with us to share their reading experiences with us; for example, this review from Jill Bennett, featuring beautiful drawings her child created after reading one of our books. We’ve were also blown away when a fan of When I coloured in the World used the book’s beautiful illustrations as inspiration and painted their new arriving baby’s room accordingly


It’s so heart warming to see our work live on through different mediums and have an impacting affect on a reader’s life.

We’re so pleased to hear that print is still so popular with young people and promise to keep producing quality titles that’ll you’ll want pride of place in your family home.

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