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Mateen ten years ago.
Mateen, 2004. London.

Written by: Mateen Arghandehpour

I remember reading as a child, sinking into the stories and all the science books I had as if there was nothing better in the world. I’d spend the whole day reading and then stay up at night with a torch under my blanket and read deep into my bedtime. They are now very fond memories for me to look back at. I wanted to write a few words about why I think reading is good for children, and even though inside, I’m very temped to just shout “because it’s really fun!”; just imagine having the pure creativity and innocence of a child, having the ability to see all the beautiful things that books hide in themselves! As amazing as that is, there are more benefits to children reading than just that.

Perhaps the most important thing is simply learning. Even reading a story can teach us so many things, all the way from different cultures to even a different perspective on a mundane idea. And besides this, it’s so useful to develop a habit of reading; it can lead to so many good things, and doing so earlier on in life just goes on to make a very strong foundation to build a good educated life on.

There are even such benefits as developing a more extensive vocabulary and a stronger grasp on grammar, and with picture books, they can even  incite a taste for art and inspire creativity.

These were just a few of the many positive points on why reading is an incredible part of being a child, it made my personal childhood seem as if woven by magic, looking back at it now, I would wish the same experience for every child.

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