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Donate Tiny Owl books to Doorstep Library in time for Christmas!

Why is access to diverse children’s books so crucial? In 2019 we shouldn’t be asking questions like this, but we still need to. You might have seen Gwendolyn Smith’s insightful piece in The Guardian over the weekend. In it, she talks about how children’s books have the power to shape us as adults. She notes that ‘the books we encounter as children are the ones to which we’re most attached.’ Indeed, memories of immersing one’s self in the fantastical world of a book can be recalled by us all. For years I had a strange rhyme stuck in my head, and I distinctly remember how I felt as a little four year old hearing about different creatures being ‘bopped’ on the head! A few months ago, I finally discovered that the story I remembered was actually a poem by Michael Rosen! Even before I found out the title and the author, it had already left a lasting impression!

Gwendolyn Smith’s piece highlights that ‘childhood reading overlaps with a period where the future seems wide open’. Our books aim to give every child a voice no matter where they come from. Cultural diversity is at the heart of everything Tiny Owl does, with BAME characters as the norm not the exception. Through our Christmas donations scheme with Doorstep Library, you can help to shape the reading memories of the next generation of readers. When children have access to diverse books, doors are opened to unfamiliar cultures and traditions and help to shape their understanding of the world. We publish voices from many countries, including books translated from Farsi, Italian and Slovenian, and our illustrators come from all over the world. If the books that impact us the most are ones we read as children, access to diverse and inclusive stories is essential. Diversity reflects the world.

As it gets closer to Christmas, we are looking forward to an increase in donations. By donating Tiny Owl books to Doorstep Library in time for Christmas, children from different backgrounds in disadvantaged areas across London will be given the chance to immerse themselves in the vibrant, unique, and mysterious worlds of our diverse books. With your help, we can make it happen! Donate here.

By Sorca Davis

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