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Donate Tiny Owl books for our Christmas campaign in aid of Doorstep Library!

Written by Sorċa Davis, Tiny Owl intern

Our intern holding Tiny Owl books
The magical memory of seeing myself in my favourite book has endured!

I am the new intern here at Tiny Owl and I feel privileged to be part of a truly diverse publishing house. I grew up in north London, but my family are Irish – which explains my difficult-to-pronounce name! As a child, a rich culture of children’s books was available to me, and that is why I think our Christmas donations campaign with Doorstep Library is a brilliant way of ensuring that all children can relish the true magic of stories.

Through my own Irish heritage, I know how important it is for children to see themselves reflected in the books they read. The most loved book of my childhood was The Big Big Sea by Martin Waddell, illustrated by Jennifer Eachus (Walker Books). I still have a rather dog-eared copy of the book with my name proudly written on the inside cover. When my mum read it to me for the very first time, apparently I shouted “It’s me! I’m inside a book!” The little girl did look just like me as a child, and it was even set where my family live in Ireland, beside the spectacular Mourne mountains! There was a comforting familiarity about the way in which the little girl splashed about in the sea, just as I would do every summer holiday.

Disappointingly, most children don’t have the experience of seeing themselves in books today. According to the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE), only 4% of children’s books published in 2018 featured a BAME protagonist. The Doorstep Library work with over 500 families in mixed communities, and with Tiny Owl’s books, these children will have the chance to see themselves in the beautiful and meaningful stories they read! For me, Christmas is the perfect time for a doing a good deed. I would much rather donate diverse and inclusive books for children to enjoy, than spend money on Christmas cards! Indeed donating before December will ensure the Doorstep Library will get these books in good time for the holiday season.

During these few weeks, I have seen just how Tiny Owl’s beautiful books are for everyone. Offering different voices from all over the world, these picture books are not simply a means to learn how to read, but an important way for children to understand their place in society. For me, the magical memory of my favourite book has endured, in the same way your donated books have the potential to. These gifts will enable these children to create their own lasting, meaningful memories.

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