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Explore the magic of storytelling with Sally Pomme Clayton!

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It’s National Storytelling Week! We celebrated by speaking to one of our favourite storytellers, Sally Pomme Clayton, about what makes storytelling so magical! She is the author of our upcoming book The Phoenix of Persia, from the mythical series One Story, Many Voices. Sally Pomme is a true innovator who has pioneered the art of modern storytelling. She said: “When I started working there were only twenty storytellers in Britain…now there are a few thousand!” She believes that storytelling fulfils “a longing in people for meaning, for magic, for metaphor, for a sense of other worlds, and also the simplicity of being taken by words into a visual world that you create yourself”.

Watch the video to find out more about her career as a storyteller and why adults and children alike love to hear a good tale!

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