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Reviews of A Rainbow in My Pocket and Will and Nill by Parents in touch:


There are so many questions and thoughts that chase through your mind! Why is the sky blue? Why do the ants queue in such a straight line? Why are some words kind and some words harsh? A series of thoughts run higgledy-piggledy through a child’s mind, capturing the way children flit from one thing to another. Delicate illustrations and captivating text work well together to make the reader think.
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Will and Nill by Farhad Hasanzadeh
Will and Nill are cats; Nill is very lazy and just lies dreaming of food, while Will takes his mind off food by playing a game with his friend the sparrow. The, he comes across treasure – a half eaten fish, and tucks in until it is all gone. The he settles back to sleep – but Nill can’t sleep because, as we all know, hungry cats can’t sleep. It’s a simple story, but one that gets you thinking, and the stylish illustrations are a delight.
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