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By: Lauren Sandford

Picture books are lovely examples illustrating the true art and beauty of storytelling. With that said, it is an injustice to consider picture books as simply being meant for children — age is but a number, as picture books are for everyone! Illustrations add visual beauty, depth and intrigue to the text, creating a connection between the story and the reader. Beautiful pictures are memorable & their stories become timeless, so that you’ll want to revisit the story time and time again. Humble picture books also bring out a sense of reminiscence, taking you back to simpler times and places, enveloping you with the peace & calm of a walk down memory lane. Above all, picture books convey messages that are important for everyone to understand and embody throughout their daily lives. They reinforce the qualities of friendship, hope, benevolence, empathy and freedom in ways that are simple for children to grasp, but also vital for older readers to realise. These powerful messages are brought about in the best ways: through quaint and memorable stories accompanied by even lovelier illustrations. Keep an eye out for Tiny Owl books, too; their children’s stories are applicable to readers of all ages, but they are excited to release a few picture books just for adults! So who says picture books are only meant for children?


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