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The Phoenix of Persia captures ancient Persia through amazing visuals, storytelling and music

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The Phoenix of Persia tells the story of an ancient mythical bird

We’re delighted that White Plains Public Library will be hosting a reading of The Phoenix of Persia as part of their Nowruz celebrations! Nowruz, or the Persian New Year, is an invocation of returning to the light. Read more about their thoughts on The Phoenix of Persia below.

The Phoenix of Persia is a beautiful book that tells the story of Simorgh, an ancient mythical bird, who takes care of a young prince. This young child grows to become Prince Zal, the father of the great warrior Rostam. The Phoenix of Persia brings this story to life by stunning illustrations of the Simorgh: golden, red, green and blue feathers fly over the mountain of gems. The story begins as children rush to Daneshjoo Park to hear about The Simorgh. Drums beat and the storyteller begins his epic tale. This wonderful folktale can be traced back to The Shahnameh–or the book of kings–written by the poet Abolqasem Ferdowsi, who lived over a thousand years ago. The Phoenix of Persia captures ancient Persia through amazing visuals, storytelling, epic tales, and music. The book also includes a QR code to access the music that accompanies the book. A treat for Iranian-Americans and anyone who loves folktales and epic stories.

Find out more about White Plains Public Library’s special celebrations here!

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