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Where’s Baby Elephant? will become one of those ‘Read it again!’ books!

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We’re delighted that the fantastic scholar, author, and educational consultant, Mary Roche, has kindly shared her delightful review of our first lift-the-flap book Where’s Baby Elephant?! Read Mary’s thoughts below.

If there is a better book for very little people this year, I need to see it. This one is gorgeous. Packed full of surprises, it is engaging, interactive, and fun. Babies and toddlers will love this.

We meet baby elephant on the title page. She looks perky and cute and grey, and we love her already. Then we get a list of all the animals and their babies who are hiding in the book. Perfection. Here we have a great big game of Peepo, with potential for great language development opportunities.

We are asked the question: Where’s Baby Elephant? and we turn the page. A beautiful orange lion and two cubs look out at us and tell us they have no idea where Baby Elephant might be. Then we notice that the page is very thick, and we open it back to reveal an orangey-brown hedgehog and her hoglets, who tell us that Baby Elephant is not here either. And there is yet another flap…. who might be hiding in there? Baby Elephant? No. Baby Elephant is grey. Who else is orange? Yes! An orangutan is orange – it’s an orangutan and her baby. And no. They don’t have any idea as to Baby Elephant’s whereabouts, either. Oh dear!

The next scenarios begin with a beautiful blue and grey palette, followed by greens and reds under the first flap, before we come to the final spread that has pale blues, whites and … yes … shhh … greys….

Have you guessed?

This is a book to treasure. It is a book that will become one of those ‘Read it again!’ books. I just love it. Bravo, Mr Khodai. The concept is simple, yet clever and your artwork is beautiful.

Reviewed by Mary Roche

Note: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

Mary Roche PhD is author of ‘Developing Children’s Critical Thinking through Picturebooks’ (Routledge 2015). She confesses to being a complete bookworm with a passion for good picturebooks. You can follow Mary on Twitter @marygtroche

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