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Book blogger World of Books has shared a fab review of When I Coloured in the World! Have a look!

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•When I Coloured in the World by Ahmadreza Ahmadi & illustrated by Ehsan Abdollahi• 🌹💡🌎🌨🌾🌱🎼💨💛 @tiny_owl_publishing This translated Persian poem, is a another fantastic picture book dealing with the positivity of colour. A child is given a box of crayons and a rubber, and decides to use them to make some changes to the world. ‘Darkness’ makes way for ‘light’, and ‘boredom’ is replaced by ‘playing’, so that everyone can have fun. Instead of ‘hunger’, the colour green is used to draw sheafs of wheat, so that people all over the world can have something to eat. The use of colour in this story is simple but powerful. The beautiful illustrations enhance the positive and thoughtful message. Ultimately, art and creativity make children powerful – imagination is free. We all have the means to make the world a brighter place!

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