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We have been asking children’s writers, illustrators, lecturers and journalists:

‘Are picture books for children, or adults can enjoy them just as much?’

Below you will find more answers:


The Book Sniffer
The Book Sniffer

The Book Sniffer Blog:

Picture books are for EVERYONE!


Picture books are for EVERYONE! I weep with dismay when I hear “grown-ups” ushering little ones away from picture books because they are too big for them.


  • The Book Sniffer introduces itself as: ‘A blog for the unashamed book sniffing community.’



Colin West
Colin West

Colin West:

A picture book is a charming and unique art form


I personally feel the 32 page picture book is a charming and unique art form which I esteem as highly as the Shakespearean sonnet or the perfect two minute popular song. A great, or even a fairly good one, should be a delight to read (and look at) again and again, without one tiring of it. I would hope that any reasonably intelligent and liberal minded person might vaguely agree with me. The saddest thing would be a child of, say, nine or ten feeling (or even worse, being told) that picture books are for little kiddies only, and that they should move on to more “advanced” books.


  • Colin is an author.



Holly Swan
Holly Swain

Holly Swain:

Whatever their age, the audience can take something away from a picture book


Picture books are for everyone. Whatever their age, the audience can take something away from the book-whether it is a beautiful story, some amazing illustrations, a great baddie or just a happy ending. The very best books work on many levels.


  • Holly is a Childrens’ book illustrator.


Andy Robert Davies

Andy Robert Davies:

Picture books make adults reconsider their own ides and views


Reading picture books is often a joint activity between the child and a parent. As a parent myself, I select books for my son that I think he will enjoy and those that also appeal to me. This may be an aesthetic reason, the humor of the book, or simply that I enjoyed the book when I was a child. Picture books have the ability to communicate a huge range of subjects both entertaining and challenging and they can often help adults communicate these issues with small children and make the adult reconsider their own ideas and views.


  • Andy is illustrator and lecturer.


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