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What would the world be like without clocks?! – Scope For Imagination

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What would the world be like without clocks? If everyone paused and stopped rushing? Stop the Clock examines this thought-provoking message – read a review below!


Stop the Clock! by Pippa Goodhart & Maria Christania

Do you ever wish you had more time to “stop and smell the roses”? More time to enjoy life? More time to simply take notice of what is going on around you?

Joe finds his life is always in hurry. From the moment his family wakes up in the morning, it’s rush, rush, rush! At school, it’s rush, rush, rush! When a frazzled Mr Khan gives the class the task of painting something they saw on the way to school, Joe has to stop and think. He was so busy rushing that he can’t even remember what his little sister Poppy was doing on their journey. Was she crying? Why?

Joe is determined to work out what was wrong so he shouts STOP THE CLOCK! Time stands still, giving him the chance to focus. Everything becomes sharper. He is able to appreciate the tiny details of his world instead of just rushing past. With time to take an interest in what’s going on around him, everything becomes clearer and he realises why Poppy was upset – meaning he can fix it so she’s happy once more.

What would the world be like without clocks? What would the world be like if everyone just stopped rushing? This wonderful story shows children (and adults) the value of pausing to take a breath and just look – look at the beauty around us and take time to care for others.

Thank you to Tiny Owl for this unique and thought-provoking story!


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