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Will & Nill

We have had the pleasure of reading a lovely review of ‘Will and Nill’ sent to us by Nikan Ar. He is 15 and he is a student in London. The review is very well written and is inspiring to say the least. Thank you Nikan!


Will and Nill is a very beautiful picture book that uses life messages not only for children but for people of all ages. Although the book is about two cats, their story could be about anyone. Nill represents the bad qualities in a person and Will represents the good qualities. This is done so that the cats are personifed to make the story and the moral easier to understand.
An effective episode is where a bird comes and asks if the cats wanted to play. Nill rejected this offer and wanted to eat the bird but Will stepped in and said that the bird was his friend. By following the bird, Will had fun and found some food. This is important because it shows that there is always a reward with fun.
My final thought about this book is that it has a good moral and that it leaves you thinking about what would happen to Nill at the end of the book.


Will & Nill 3
Will & Nill

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