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Read a wonderful review of A Bottle of Happiness by Louise Gahan in Reading Zone:

A Bottle of Happiness
A Bottle of Happiness

A Bottle of Happiness is a book about two villages; one rich and wealthy, where the people work hard to get richer, the other where the people had just enough to get by and loved to share the same stories over and over again. Their villages are separated by a huge mountain, but one day a child called Pim decides to climb the mountain in search of a new story to share with his people. He is amazed to find a village full of amazing food and riches. When he asks if he can have an apple, the villagers ask what he can give in return. To which he replies, nothing, but I could bring you some happiness. On his return he attempts to bottle some Happiness, along with some laughter and love to bring back to the villagers over the mountain.

This is a great book that brings into question what makes us truly happy; material pocessions or the love and companionship of friends and family? Young and old children will find the colourful illustrations by Abodollahi quite captivating; the illustrations could even be used as a stimulus to design their own clothes, or make a patchwork coat (exploring pattern in fabric or textile shades) to symbolise happiness or another virtue important in society.

The book also provides a great stimulus for story writing around the idea of what else could be bottled to give to someone, and why. A modern fable that will appeal to all.

Picture book / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Louise Gahan, teacher

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