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Let picture books explain complex ideas in a simple and fun way!

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One of the fantastic things about picture books is their ability to explain complex ideas to children in a simple way. Our book Fair Shares by Pippa Goodhart and Anna Doherty does just that!

We all want to live in a society where everyone is treated fairly, but it’s not always easy to determine what’s fair. In Fair Shares, Bear and Hare are trying to get some tasty pears down from a tree, but neither of them can reach. They decide to stand on chairs so that they can reach.

An illustration from Fair Shares by Anna Doherty

Bear argues that it’s fair for them to have one chair each. She is then able to reach the pears, but because Hare is so much smaller he still can’t! Luckily, Beetle comes along to explain why giving everyone the same thing isn’t always fair.

This simple story helps children to understand a difficult concept: the difference between equity and equality. Equality would be giving everyone the same thing, while equity is giving everyone what they need, in Hare’s case an extra chair. Bear already has a natural advantage because of her height, so the fair thing to do is to level the playing field by giving Hare a boost.

The issue of what’s fair can often come up in the classroom or at home, when children are asked to share books or toys. Fair Shares is perfect for getting them to think about how to treat others fairly, and why some people might need more help than others.

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