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When I Coloured in the World is simple and poetic

It’s always great to see readers leaving reviews for our books on Goodreads and other sites. Believe it or not, we read every single one of them! Reader feedback is really important to us, and lets us know how we can make our books even better. Here’s what readers on Goodreads had to say about When I Coloured in the World:

Children’s books mega-fan Ms Threlkend said “A unique book about a child who erases words and replaces them with different ones to benefit the world. I think kids will respond well to the quiet power of this story.” She gave it four stars!

Teacher and librarian Edward Sullivan said “A beautifully illustrated, deceptively simple, poetic story about breaking down boundaries and negativity through imagination. Translated from Persian, originally published in Iran.” He gave it four stars!

If you enjoyed reading When I Coloured in the World, please leave a rating and review and we’ll feature it on our blog!

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