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What do you think will happen to Humans in the future?!

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What will happen to humans in the future? Will we go extinct?! Human Town gives us a glimpse into would could become a very real future for humans if we continue to neglect our environment. Check out the review below!

💬 What do you think will happen to Humans in the future?! Will we become extinct?! I am still hopeful the next generations will be able to do better than ours because they are being educated to do so! ❤️ Maybe I’m too optimistic, but that’s what gives me the strength to not give up! 🙌

🐘 This beautiful book is about the future of Humankind and the story may not entirely go as we would expect, but it makes it much more interesting! 😊 So, join me… and Welcome to Human Town!

📖 Human Town | ✍️ Alan Durant @alandurant58 | 🎨 Anna Doherty @annadohertyillustration | 📚 @tiny_owl_publishing

🐘 This is the story of an elephant family who decided to visit Human Town, a city where humans live their normal everyday lives. However Junior, the youngest elephant, who was very excited to learn more about humans, and his family realize that humans started living greedy and selfish live, disregarding the environment and ignoring the help signs the planet was sending. Junior and his family could tell that if humans continue to behave this way, they will likely be extinct soon.

✍️ I found it quite interesting that Human Town is portrayed a lot as if it was a zoo for humans and elephants could actually visit and observe their behaviour as when we go to the zoo and observe animals there too. Just as it happens with them, the human race in this story was facing possible extinction in the future. I love how ironic this is, and how clever it was to portray us seen from the eyes of such wise and special beings, elephants. I also love this book highlights environmental concerns, animal preservation issues, as well as consumerism in society – which also ends up harming the packet – and conflict between humans, which as we can all see currently, if not handled well, can have disastrous consequences such as war. It’s the perfect book for Earth Day.

🎨 The artwork in this book is lovely! The tones are gorgeous pastel ones: the elephants are depicted as emotional beings with very human expressions, to highlight the role swap in the story between humans and elephants.

🙌 Thanks to the publisher for sending this book our way.






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