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A Bottle of Happiness

We teach children the importance of sharing from a young age. Much of the time, they learn through material objects, through their toys or their food. Pippa Goodhart’s A Bottle of Happiness introduces the question: how do we share the things we cannot physically give? How do we share laughter and happiness?

Pim’s adventure in A Bottle of Happiness takes him exploring to the village over the hill, away from his happy home and to a place filled with unimaginable riches. But from this we learn, all the wealth and possessions do not equal happiness! Ehsan Abdollahi’s gorgeous watercolour illustrations reflect the contrast of the two villages clearly, with the orange of the happy village standing brightly next to the muted grey of the other side of the hill.

At a time where it might seem like we always need the newest and best version of everything, A Bottle of Happiness reminds us that there are some things that are more important than objects. It makes you question whether you would be in Pim’s village, or if you belong on the other side of the hill and still have something to learn. It is a lesson not only for children, but for adults as well.

Most of all, we can ask ourselves what our own bottles would hold. What would we want to carry out and share with the world, and how can we do it? Is it love, or friendship, or something else entirely? What does the world need, and what can we give it

  • A Bottle of Happiness is now out in paperback
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