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When I Coloured in the World

We’re very excited that Ehsan Abdollahi has been featured in a BBC documentary about the Edinburgh Festival! Welcome to Edinburgh 2017 aired on 19 August and can be found on the BBC iPlayer.

Describing the vision for the Edinburgh Festival to be ‘a beacon for a better world’ in the wake of the Second World War, presenter Kirsty Wark explains in the documentary that the aim was to ‘create bonds that would transcend political and cultural boundaries’ in ‘an act of reconciliation and hope’. This is what the Festival is still doing, 70 years on: ‘reaching out to bring the world together’.

It’s especially poignant, therefore, that Ehsan was so nearly prevented by his visa refusal from appearing at the Festival events about his own books. He appears in a feature near the end of the programme, in an interview interspersed with footage from his arts and crafts events for children.

In his interview with Kirsty Wark, Ehsan talks about why he enjoyed working with Ahmadreza Ahmadi to illustrate When I Coloured In the World, and explains why it’s important for children to engage with the art and stories of cultures other than their own.

Kirsty Wark’s reading from When I Coloured In the World concludes the whole documentary.

You can watch the full programme on BBC iPlayer here. The feature on Ehsan starts at 25:32.



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