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Pre-order There’s Room for Everyone

Watch the book trailer for our fantastic new title, There’s Room for Everyone!

We live in a scary world, surrounded by frightening news and images that even children are exposed to. We wanted to give children HOPE that that they can face the problems that they see around them, and find ways to make the world a better place. That’s why we are launching a new series! HOPE IN A SCARY WORLD aims to spread positive messages that encourage children to show compassion, spread peace and work towards a brighter future for everyone.

Our first book in the Hope in A Scary World series is the wonderful story of There’s Room for Everyone. A child grows and discovers the world. As he lies awake at night, he sees there’s enough room in the sky for all the stars and the moon. When he visits the ocean, he sees there is enough room for all the fish, even for the whales.
As he grows up, he doesn’t understand why people fight for space. Surely, if we are kinder to one another, there will always be room for everyone? This is a beautiful and profound picture book — a testament of our time and a touching allegory for war and the refugee crisis.

Watch the trailer below! Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts and comments!

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