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The Lion Tattoo

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Watch the fantastic book trailer for The Lion Tattoo! A translation of a tale by Rumi, The Lion Tattoo tells the story of a man who wants a tattoo of a lion, to show how brave and strong he is. However, when the pain of the needle begins, the man decides that perhaps his lion doesn’t need a tail…or a mane… or a stomach! This is a wonderfully witty story that feels incredibly modern despite dating back to the 13th century! A short and simple tale, perfect for older readers!

In an illuminating interview, hear from award-winning author Elizabeth Laird as she talks about the story itself, and how tales by Rumi often have elements of humour woven into them! We also talk to Chris Porter, a tattoo artist, to find out how accurate Rumi’s story is, and he reveals to us that he has experienced very similar customers himself! Finally, the uniquely talented Atefeh Maleki Joo, who illustrated this stunning book, shares with us her addition to this ancient story.

Watch the brilliant book trailer below:

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