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This story is full of messages of peace, love and empathy.

There’s Room for Everyone is simply stunning!

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We’re delighted that the lovely people at VIP Reading have chosen to feature some of our authors and illustrators on their website! The website offers a range of truly unique resources to inspire the next generation of readers. Recently they shared a wonderful review of There’s Room for Everyone! Read it below.

Anahita’s book There’s Room for Everyone is simply stunning. I was blown away by the powerful messages of peace, love and empathy. Anahita’s own experiences of witnessing war helped her to create this understated book. If only all adults had read this as a child, then the world could be very different indeed. I could not wait to share it with my own children.

Thank you for this fantastic review Rob!

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  • There’s Room for Everyone long-listed for Derby Children’s Picture Book Award!
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