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Do you remember the kind of curious thoughts you had as a child? Did you muse on nature, people, and what you were having for dinner, all at once? Or have you been enchanted by a child of your own having these whimsical thoughts? Now you can do so again: watch the introductory video for A Rainbow in my Pocket!

There are so many questions and thoughts that chase through your mind! Why is the sky blue? Why do the ants queue in such a straight line? Why are some words kind and some words harsh?

How do you put a rainbow in your pocket?

The meaning of this beautiful story is hard to chase down – just like a rainbow! But it expresses something of the nature of keeping your mind free; of how the thoughts of children rush in and out of their minds with breathless rapidity; and how their wishes for themselves and the world around them are simple and tender, and should be cherished.


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