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The illustrations evoke the lushness of the Indian jungle!

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We’re delighted with this wonderful review of Under the Great Plum Tree from BookBairn! Have a look!

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I just love the #OneStoryManyVoices series from @tinyowl I love that it shares traditional tales from all around the world in a new way with some of the most exquisite illustrations that I have ever seen! This story is based on the story of the monkey and the crocodile from an ancient Indian collection of animal fables. Deep in the jungle, an unlikely friendship forms between a golden-hearted monkey and an old crocodile. The crocodile is hungry and the monkey shakes the plums down from her tree for him to eat. In return the old crocodile tells the monkey marvellous stories from his past. But he wants to repay her properly and invites her for lunch. Not knowing that King Crocodile has deceitful plans. A tale of friendship, courage and forgiveness, this is a story that will resonate with lots of readers. The illustrations in this evoke the lushness of the jungle, the playfulness of the monkey and the wise experience of the crocodile. Inspired by different cultures, this book will definitely appeal to people from all around the world! (Sent by the publisher @tiny_owl_publishing for review.) #GreatPlumTree

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