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Two great reads by Iranian authors!

As part of their series promoting books from around the world, Devon A. Corneal for Brightly chose her top 10 books to introduce kids and teens to the history and culture of Iran. She chose When I Coloured in the World and The Little Black Fish. Read her fab reviews below!

My first exposure to Iranian culture was the delicious tahdig my friend’s mother would make when I was lucky enough to be invited to dinner. As I savored the crunchy top layer of rice and the extraordinary flavor of a dish the rest of my family had never eaten, I had no idea I was experiencing a tiny connection to ancient Persia and its rich artistic, culinary, and literary history. For this installment of our Read Globally series, we’ve gathered a few stories that we hope spark your interest in the people, history, fables, and food of Iran, as well as some contemporary narratives from Iranian authors. If you’re feeling adventurous, we encourage you to make some tahdig of your own, then sit down and enjoy it while reading!

When I Coloured in the World

by Ahmadreza Ahmadi, illustrated by Ehsan Abdollahi

When things seem dark, sometimes all you need is a new perspective, a set of crayons, and your imagination to make the world seem better. Poetic and lovely, this book by Iranian author Ahmadreza Ahmadi is not to be missed.
(Ages 5 – 8)

The Little Black Fish

by Samad Behrangi, illustrated by Farshid Mesghali

Little Black Fish has the soul of an adventurer and determination to match. Even though it means leaving all he’s ever known, this curious fish sets out to see what the world holds, in all its beauty and even in its disappointments. Don’t miss the award-winning illustrations and timeless story.
(Ages 7 – 11)

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