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What is Tiny Owl? What kind of books do we publish? 

Tiny Owl is a fairly new independent publisher, and our mission is to publish meaningful, artistic and inspiring picture books. We’re committed to publishing books that are true works of art, like Cinderella of the Nile, which took artist Marjan Vafaeian a whole year to illustrate! 

Our books are diverse and inclusive, with BAME characters as the norm not the exception. They promote essential human values like kindness, peace and tolerance, as well as care for our environment. We publish voices from many countries, including books translated from Farsi, Italian and Slovenian, and our illustrators come from all over the world. 

We have five main book series:

Tales by Rumi: fun and philosophical stories for children based on the works of the ancient poet Rumi. 

One Story, Many Voices: reinterpretations of folk stories and fairytales, updated to fit with contemporary values.

Children Music Life: vibrant and colourful books that introduce early years readers to the joy of music. 

Wordless Picture Books: beautiful picture books with no text, that invite children to become storytellers and create their own narrative. 

Hope in a Scary World: books that inspire children to feel hopeful about the world they live in, despite scary things they might hear on the news. 

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