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In the latest episode of Twit Twoo, we’re looking at our two amazing events at JuneFest!

As part of the amazing JuneFest children’s reading festival, we had not one but two events at Stroud Green and Harringay library!

For our first event, children from a local reception class came to enjoy a reading of Dare by Lorna Gutierrez and Polly Noakes, followed by a fun workshop. 

First, the children listened to a reading of the inspiring poem Dare…After the reading, we had a discussion about the themes and characters in the book. Children thought about what they liked, what they would like to be, and how they would like their world to change. It was great to see them engaging with the story. 

Then the class had a go at creating their own protest, colouring in an illustration from the book and writing in their own protest slogans. They had some great ideas like “Don’t throw rubbish on the ground” and “don’t waste trees”. 

For our next event, author Duncan Annand came all the way from Cambridge to read his wordless picture book Caged. First he showed the children the beautiful illustrations and guided them through the story. Then the class had a go at interpreting the story for themselves — what are the men doing? How might the little blue bird feel? What will happen next? After enjoying the story, the children sat down to do some colouring. 

Huge thanks to the brilliant teachers, librarians and festival organisers who helped to make these events so special! 

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