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Welcome to the newest episode of our weekly video series Twit Twoo!

New research by the Guardian shows that the top selling children’s books overwhelmingly exclude female and BAME characters. If you’ve been reading the news or social media this week, you’ve probably seen this fantastic article from Donna Ferguson, which tackles the shocking lack of diversity in bestselling children’s books. As a publisher of diverse and inclusive children’s books, who have been working to make them more visible with our Diversity Now campaign, we were really excited to see this issue being given the attention it deserves from the book world. It’s essential that children’s books should reflect the society we live in.

There were some fantastic responses to the article on Twitter from people like authors Pippa Goodhart and Chitra Soundar, Chief executive of the school library association Alison Tarrant, and many more.

Author and librarian Dawn Finch said: “Every year there are more discussions, panels and focus groups, but every year stats say the same damn thing. Publishers need to stop talking about it and make it happen. Writers are out there, it’s your job to bring their work to the shelves.”

Author and illustrator James Mayhew said: “There are many excellent books by smaller publishers out there, Tiny Owl for example, but often these books are invisible to the public because of the obsession with “best seller” status & the same old stuff being promoted and displayed.”

We absolutely agree with these great points. If diverse books are given the visibility they deserve, they can become bestsellers. If you want to help us change the status quo, check out our campaign with the hashtag Diversity Now, and make sure you shout about your favourite anti-sexist and diverse books wherever you can!

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