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Welcome to our weekly video series Twit Twoo! 

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In this episode we’re thinking about whether it’s a good idea to hide children away from all that is happening around them in the world? Here at Tiny Owl, we don’t think it is!

Firstly, because they often understand but keep their fears and worries bottled up inside. Secondly, because it doesn’t set them up to cope with their lives in the future. Books are great resources. Stories are the best way for children to understand the diverse world around them and think for themselves.

Don’t underestimate children, they will surprise you! Open up the conversation and diversify your bookshelf with Tiny Owl books and inspire your little readers to find their voice!

  • Watch: Twit Twoo! What is Tiny Owl all about?
  • Watch: Twit Twoo! Joining the debate on diversity
  • Watch: Twit Twoo! Sneak peak inside Under the Great Plum Tree!

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