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Welcome to our weekly video series Twit Twoo!

In this episode, we looked at translated children’s books and why we love them!

We live in a diverse society, but how much does your child know about other cultures? How much richer could our lives be if we spent more time learning from others?

When you only read books from one country and one language, you’re not seeing the full picture.  Author David Almond has pointed out that children miss out some of the best books in the world because so few children’s books are translated into English.

At Tiny Owl, we love translated books! This began with The Little Black Fish, considered a modern classic in Iran but until recently hardly known in the UK. Since then we’ve gone on to publish many more books translated from Farsi into English, such as There’s Room for Everyone, A Bottle of Happiness, and When I Coloured in the World. Our wordless book Little Eli by Laura Bellini was originally published in Italian as Eli Sotto Voce. We’re looking forward to publishing many more translated picture books in the future, including one from Slovenia next year!

Reading translated books is vital for increasing our understanding of other cultures and gaining a fuller view of the world. This is so important when children are learning essential values like acceptance and appreciation of all people. Books from other countries help them to learn about the unique qualities of other cultures and the ways in which we are all the same.

We’re delighted that so many Tiny Owl books have also been translated into other languages, so children all over the world can enjoy them.

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