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Back to school reads from Tiny Owl

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Starting at a new school or going back for the new year is an exciting time for children, but it can also be scary. We’ve chosen some reassuring back to school reads to help ease those nerves.

Children often worry about fitting in at school. In Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me, Jace is worried that the other children will think he’s weird if they find out he has a dog who loves to spout poetry. When Thinker is allowed to come to school for Pets’ Day, Jace learns to celebrate his own uniqueness.

Being in a new environment and meeting new people can be scary even for adults. In Grobblechops, Amir is afraid of the monster under his bed. What if it tries to eat him up? But dad says that if he tries playing with the monster, he might just make a friend instead. This heartwarming story is great for encouraging children to overcome the fear of the unknown.

Last but not least, there’s Dare! This inspiring poem encourages children to be bold and take a chance, whether it’s by making a new friend or trying something new.

We hope these heartwarming and positive stories about overcoming our fears help to ease the back to school jitters and make the start of the school year a fun experience!

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