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Decorate your Tiny Owl Passport to represent peace and love! Illustrator Ehsan Abdollahi decorates his at Edinburgh Book Festival 2017

Imagine if we didn’t have a need for visas. Imagine that we could travel freely from country to country, anywhere we wanted to go. As long as you were spreading peace, happiness, hope and love, there was nothing to stop you exploring the whole world!

At Tiny Owl, we promote the ideas of books without borders. We believe that hope, peace, love and happiness should not have borders either. They should be places that all people of the world can visit. That’s why we’ve created the Tiny Owl Passport! With this passport, you can travel anywhere in the world!

Join the fun and download your own free Tiny Owl passport here!

We came up with the idea of this passport last year, after our wonderful illustrator Ehsan Abdollahi had been refused a visa for Edinburgh International Book Festival. It was the third year in a row that we had faced these issues with our authors and illustrators! We decided to make a passport that would allow people to travel anywhere, so they could share their cultures and ideas without difficulty.

You can download a Tiny Owl Passport for free here, and use it to explore ideas of peace, hope and happiness! It is a wonderful activity for children and adults to think about what these words really mean to them!

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