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First title in our Hope in A Scary World series!


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There’s Room for Everyone

Anahita Teymorian is an incredible author/illustrator, and the great mind behind The Clever Mouse and A Bird Like Himself. Her latest picture book, There’s Room for Everyone is a moving tale that reminds us all to be a kinder to one another, rather than constantly fighting for space. The first in our new series, Hope in a Scary World, this touching story promotes peace and equality, and the idea that there is enough place on this planet for all of us, regardless of race, wealth, or gender. She shares her inspiration for the book below:

One day, fed up of all my chores, I collapsed  in front of the TV on the sofa and took a huge bite out of my sandwich. As usual, the news on TV was showing people fighting each other for a piece of land…a piece of Planet Earth. Suddenly, I wasn’t hungry anymore, and I put the rest of my sandwich on the table in front of me.

The table was full of toys, books, and dirty plates from the day. But, amazingly, my sandwich found a place on it too. And then, as usual, I started to argue with the TV. I was angry with it and with the people on it. I pointed to them and began shouting, “Why don’t you stop it? Why are you never happy? Stop being greedy. Believe me! There’s enough room for all of you. Look at the sky, look at the sea, look at the jungle. No, just look at my table!”

Anahita Teymorian working on the illustrations for There’s Room for Everyone 

Then I went to my room and wrote down all the things I’d said to the TV on paper. That’s how There’s Room for Everyone started. I remember that night, when I went back to have a rest on the sofa, the TV was still showing news of war everywhere. And the cat was eating the leftovers of my sandwich.

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