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‘Too Much is a wonderfully gentle and kind story!’ – Pippa Goodhart

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Huge thanks to fantastic author Pippa Goodhart for this wonderful review of Too Much over on her blog! Read in full below!

Too Much, written by Anne Booth, illustrated by Maria Christania, reviewed by Pippa Goodhart

This is a wonderfully gentle and kind story that really understands how feeling overwhelmed can affect us.

Bear has been asleep in his cave all winter, but now spring is here, and his friends want him to come out and play with them.

‘GO AWAY!’ said Bear. ‘There’s too much of everything out there and I’m staying IN.’

But those friends don’t give up on Bear. They lay a trail of tempting things – kind voices, flowers, delicious smelling food – to lure Bear out in his own time. He decides to take a tentative step out into the open, and he acclimatises to be outside so that he’s properly ready for friends and picnic by the time he reaches to them.

I was so pleased that the friends didn’t trick Bear out or loudly greet him coming out. That giving someone the time and space they need is just right. Clever Anne Booth who wrote it.

A very lovely book, with delightful illustrations by Maria Christania.


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