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Mother’s Day book bundle!

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The gift of a book is as much for the parents, as it is for the little humans they have brought into the world, and there’s no better excuse for more books than on Mother’s Day.

These heartwarming picture books can be enjoyed over and over again, while offering comfort and reassurance to parents too. For new parents, it is never too early to introduce a child to reading.

We’ve carefully chosen four wonderful books as part of a limited edition book bundle. With these books, you can celebrate all the different kinds of special mothers in the world!

Mother’s Day book bundle

There’s Room for Everyone (paperback), The Drum (hardback), Bloom (paperback), and Where’s Baby Elephant? (hardback)


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There’s Room for Everyone

Iranian author Anahita Teymorian appeals for peace in There’s Room for Everyone. When there is enough room in mummy’s tummy, surely there is enough space for everyone in the world?

This timeless story, offers a wonderful exploration of the world around us, inviting us to open up discussions about acceptance and kindness in any context.

The Drum

Ken Wilson-Max’s The Drum is a delightful introduction to music, guaranteed to get you and your baby dancing to the beat! This is a wonderful book in small hardback format perfect for small hands which children and adults will enjoy sharing again and again. Who will be able to resist dancing to the beat?

There are other great books to explore in Children Music Life series. Find out more here.


Filled with warmth and creativity, Anne Booth and Robyn Wilson-Owen bring you a story of hope, persistence, and finding love in the small things. Robyn’s beautiful illustrations paint a wonderful back story for the kind little girl, so that we see that she is receiving love in a close family, in a small flat. Ultimately, it is the love the little girl receives from her family that allows her to help others to bloom.

Where’s Baby Elephant?

Packed full of surprises, Where’s Baby Elephant? is engaging, interactive, and fun. Before you start reading, explore the cast list of all the creatures you’ll encounter on your journey. Babies, toddlers and parents will love unfolding the sturdy flaps to reveal the adorable animals and their babies, in this exciting interactive story. The perfect gift book!

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