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At South London Gallery Children's Book Fair- November 2015.
At South London Gallery Children’s Book Fair- November 2015.

We are very happy to see our  highlights at the end of the first year. We had planned to publish eight titles in 2015. We not only tried to be on our track all the time, we also added another beautiful title for the cold season: The Snowman and the Sun. And now we are proud that our books have been picked among the best books of the year by the Guardian, and also got the most gracious feedback from the eminent authors, illustrators or professionals in the niche.


Our highlights in 2015 enlisted as below:


When I Coloured In the World selected among the best children’s books by the Guardian
Among our books, The Little Black Fish was the most successful in attracting attentions. It also was selected among the best children’s books by the Guardian


  • BBC World Service programme about The Little Black Fish. Link
  • Received wonderful reviews from the media, organisations and bloggers throughout the year. Link
  •  started blogging regularly. Link
  • An introduction about Tiny Owl Publishing on VOA- Link
  • Wonderful gallery of our books published by the Guardian- Link
  • David Almond’s introduction about Tiny Owl’s books in the Guardian- Link
  • Attended South London Gallery’s Children’s Book Fair. Link
Mareen is reading The Parrot and the Merchant
Storytelling at Pimlico Children’s Library


  • Had a storytelling event at Pimlico Children’s Library. Link
  • attended Frankfort and London International Book Fairs. Links +, ++
Anahita Teymorian in her workshop at Edinburgh’s International Book Festival


  • BBC Persian’s report about The Little Black Fish. Link
  • entered the social media:


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