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Our first bestseller in March was Jackal Who Thought He Was a Peacock based on a fable by Rumi, written by Fereshteh Sarlak and illustrated by Feeroozeh Golmohammadi.


A summery of the book:

The jackal has never been the same since he saw the peacocks. Now he looks at his grey and brown fur and thinks how boring he looks. He wonders how he can change it to be beautiful and dazzling like the peacocks. He’s always collecting colourful things to stick on his fur but nothing seems to work.

Then he hatches a clever plan that will once and for all turn him into the brightest, most brilliant jackal, just like the peacocks. His jackal friends look on and shake their heads.


The second was The Little Black Fish by Samad Behrangi and illustrated by: Farshid Mesghali, the Hans Christian Andersen Award winner.


A summery of the book:

Little Black Fish may be small, but he has big questions and a determination to find answers to them. While his fellow fish are too scared to do anything different from their set routine, Little Black Fish swims over the edge of the pool, into the stream and river which will show him much more of the world. He meets wonders and adventures, dangers and beauty. He makes it all the way to the sea, and finds his answers. Even though he doesn’t survive to tell his own story, here it is being told to another generation, and the inspiration of it is passed on.


And The third was The Snowman and the Sun by Susan Taghdis. illustrated by Ali Mafakheri.



A summery of the book:

Where does a snowman go when he melts? Where does he go when the sun shines bright and hot? Hoes he go far away? And will he ever come back?

The Snowman and the Sun is a modern-day fable about how our attachments to people and things live on, though they change and sometimes disappear.


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